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ESS Installation & Mounting Guide

Use for the substructure of the ESS Design panels. Wood, aluminum furring strips or Resysta joists with minimum dimension of ¾” ventilation. Mount them to the wall with minimum three screws. Be sure to screw 2” from end of furring strip to avoid aligning with holes in panels.

Be sure when mounting furring strips to use a level for accuracy.

Be sure to use appropriate screws when fastening to drywall or other hollow substructures. Place the furring strips to align with the center of the pre-drilled mounting holes of the panels.

We recommend to pre-drill the holes to mount the panels making sure they will align with pre-drilled holes on the panels. Now you can easily with one hand lift the ESS Design panel and attach it with the other hand using the first screw.

Complete the attachment process using the last five screws. Be sure to align the next furring strip using a level to mount the adjoining panel.

Proceed as described above in the following directions to mount as many panels side by side as desired. If you want to install the panels in landscape mode, the same install applies as above only rotated 90°.

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